A Sneak Peak at our Bryan Talbot Documentary

Visitors to Wildman Studios in Kendal can currently view an extended preview of Digital Story Engine’s major documentary on the life and art of comics creator Bryan Talbot as part of Brainstorm!: The Art of Bryan Talbot.

The exclusive video presentation, which includes an introduction by legendary science-fiction author Michael Moorcock, offers fans their first glimpse of the extensive celebration of Bryan’s work to be released in 2014!

from The Official Bryan Talbot website:

Brainstorm!: The Art of Bryan Talbot exhibition is at Wildman Studios, in Wildman Street, Kendal, Cumbria between October 4 and November 10.

“Described as “a dazzling and tireless exponent of the comic art form” Bryan Talbot has been one of the driving forces in the comics industry since the late 70s, when he created the Brainstorm Comix series for Alchemy Press. Since then he has produced work in almost every genre and pushed boundaries in many ways.

“Most recently his highly-acclaimed steampunk detective series Grandville which follows the life of Detective Inspector Lebrock employs anthropomorphism and satire to startling effect.

“This exhibition not only reveals the life, work of a great creator but also an energy and passion which have made him one of the most influential comic art figures to this day. From covers to comics, illustrations from his psychedelic beginnings to rock stars and offbeat paraphernalia, Costa Award winner Bryan Talbot presents his outstanding body of work.”


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